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*Book review* She’s Back

Back in April I was scouting through LinkedIn when I saw Lisa Unwin put up a post about her up coming book with Deb Khan ‘She’s Back – your guide to returning to work’. I messaged her to (cheekily) ask for one of the early copies she had – they were in high demand from people wanting to review but I managed to get my hands on one. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to read it, for reasons I’ll explain shortly, but I’m done now and I think there are a few people that will need to read this (and the book!)…

The power of strengths

Play to your strengths. Do what you love, love what you do. Build your strengths and weaknesses will take care of themselves. The world is awash with helpful advice isn’t it? It’s also full of feedback, self-doubt, real or perceived judgement, discrimination and struggle.

Baby sensory and me…

When I had my first little girl I trooped to a few different classes – yoga, massage and rhythm time were all consistent in our calendar and in the main we both really enjoyed them…well I did, she didn’t cry through them so I’m guessing she was ok with being there.

Let’s talk about sleep baby….

Sleep. I’ve been obsessing over it since July 2nd 2014 when my first born popped into the world. Popped makes it sound effortless….just to be clear, it wasn’t.

Progress not perfection

So I know a rather incredible lady called Steph Tranter. She’s a Personal Development Coach by trade, is on a mission to help you ‘be successful being yourself’, has a love of wildlife and is an all round good egg. She works strongly to the method of progress not perfection, something that the world authority on leadership psychology Tony Robbins bases much of his work on.

Princess life

Glass slippers, being doomed to an eternal sleep until you get a smooch from Prince Charming, always looking immaculate, having the unique skill of being able to communicate to woodland creatures through song…the Princess life has got an interesting daily routine.

Defined by Motherhood

There have been some posts and articles recently suggesting women shouldn’t change or be defined by becoming a Mother. It’s a topic that most people seem to be unable to resist commenting on and I’m no different – so here goes.

Nursery ready…?

Until recently I was completely naive to a particular angle in the childcare debate, and that is that putting your kids into nursery is neglectful and pretty much the worst thing you could do.

Game Changers

Anybody feeling like they’re at a crossroads? A little unsettled maybe? Ready for something new? And if I said you could go on a digital adventure with a group of like minded women who despite not knowing you or ever having met in person will be your cheerleaders, voice of reason and all round sounding board babes, would you be furiously nodding your head? If any of that sounds like you it’s time you took a look at the Game Changers programme being run by the Guilty Mothers Club (click the link and you’ll land on their homepage).

Self-care and all who sail in her

Self-care shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s an essential. It’s not all about spa days, holidays and indulgence (although if you’re offering…) but instead finding ways to keep it accessible and achievable.