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our mission is all about supporting parents in the workplace

Through strengths based coaching and workshops we are positively challenging the experience of parents in the workplace. Whether it’s preparing for or returning from parental leave, engaging people further into parenthood or partnering with line managers who are engaging their teams, Power of the Parent has got you covered.  Parents return to work with so many untapped skills and experiences, Charlotte is driven by tackling what is often seen as a deficit and instead showing all the amazing things that can happen for businesses when they have working parents on their side.

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What is strengths based coaching?

Have you picked up a narrative from parents in your organisation that they’re not totally sure who they are anymore? Perhaps you’ve heard phrases like ‘I don’t know where I add value’ or ‘am I still good at my job?’ The repercussions of questioning who we are and what we’re great at can be huge. Couple that with line managers feeling lost at how to support parents and you’ve got a perfect storm. Strengths based coaching can help transform these thoughts and feelings though, and brilliantly equip EVERYONE with a stronger sense of who they are, boost their self-esteem and have a fantastic impact on engagement, well-being and overall performance. Working with strengths at the heart of our approaches, we will help parents re-connect with what energises them, how they want to show up day to day and help them demonstrate all of the strengths they have in a really meaningful way. We’re not just talking about skills and competencies here – it’s a much bigger conversation taking into account everybody’s differences and valuing what we all bring to the workplace.

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Services for businesses

For businesses who want to attract and retain amazing people it can feel like a daunting task to make sure you’ve got everything in place to support parents. Should we talk about preparing for parental leave? How do line managers help returners? Are you getting the most out of Keep In Touch (KIT) days? What’s the landscape of your talent pipeline looking like? Go to our Business Services page to find out how we can help you.


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We focus on your strengths and what energises you.

Oodles of clever people, way ahead of the curve have been studying the impact of strengths based coaching and development for decades now, so we’re piggy-backing on their pretty blooming special insights between the connection of doing more of what you love, your wellbeing and your performance. Focusing on strengths has the potential to increase overall performance by an impressive 48% and engagement by a whopping 73% (Strengthscope.com) – who doesn’t want a piece of that! People don’t stop developing when they have a family, it continues in so many different ways. Reconnecting your teams with what they’re great at and what they love doing is going to have an incredible impact on the whole of your organisation.

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What our clients say…

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Great to catch up with Char today, she gets it! Char has a natural flair for coaching, after a relaxed chat you realise you’ve shared your problems, found your own solutions and committed to take action. I’m a HR professional and a Mum of 2 facing a bit of a cross roads in my life. Char really helped me think clearly about what I really want to do next, what’s important to me career wise and personally and how I’m going to go after it whilst staying true to my values. She also shared some great sources of information to guide me along the way. I’m a strong believer that having children adds to your character, you develop a range of new skills and enhance existing ones – judgement, reasoning, empathy, delegating, time management to name a few personal to me. These skills make me better at my job. Thanks for reminding me of that Char!

HR Business Partner, Asda

Charlotte’s coaching has been invaluable for helping me prepare to return to work after maternity leave. It has improved my confidence for interviews for new job roles. Focusing on my strengths has highlighted to me why I enjoy particular job roles. Knowing my strengths and drainers will ensure I am happy and fulfilled at work now and in the future. It has given me a tool to discuss how I want me career to progress not just based on roles but on my strengths. Understanding my strengths has allowed me to select my future jobs role. The session notes taken by Charlotte have shown me how much I have learnt and will be a useful aid to refer back to. I am returning to work feeling confident in my choices thanks to my coaching with Charlotte.

Louise, Process Engineer

When I started working with Char 3 months ago I was really struggling with my confidence. I was unhappy in my job but struggled to see how I could make the move to launching my own business. I knew I could do it but was struggling with lots of mindset blockers.
Char was incredibly intuitive and picked up on my negative self talk before I did. She gently encouraged and supported me by asking questions to make me think about things in a different way. Char’s caring manner and genuine enthusiasm gave me the confidence to make small steps and provided coping strategies so that when my perfectionism and imposter syndrome try to get the better of me, I am equipped to answer my negative self talk and make progress towards my goals. I feel like I have gained a personal cheerleader through working with Char, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ellie, Business Owner

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