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What is strengths based coaching?

Strengths based coaching helps individuals reconnect with what motivates them, figures out when we’re at our best and keeps engagement levels front and centre. When we are doing something that we love and it aligns to our personal values we’re increasingly likely to stick at it, and do a great job. At Power Of The Parent® we support returning talent to identify their unique set of strengths and connect businesses with everything they need to make parental leave and returning as smooth as possible, all while keeping hold of valued talent.

We connect parents with their unique set of strengths – reminding them what they’re energised by, what they love doing and how they can get to grips with combining a career with parenting, having a life and doing more of what they love. Go to our Parent Services page to find out more about our coaching and workshops.


For businesses who want to keep hold of their amazing people it can feel like a daunting task to make sure you’ve got everything in place to support a smooth return – do line managers have everything they need? Are you getting the most out of Keep In Touch (KIT) days? What’s the landscape of your talent pipeline looking like? Go to our Business Services page to find out how we can help you.


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Some of the businesses we’ve helped support include:


our mission is all about equality, supporting returning talent and empowering businesses

Through strengths based coaching and workshops we are positively challenging the experience of returning to work after parental leave. Parents return to work with so many untapped skills and experiences, Charlotte is driven by tackling what is often seen as a deficit and instead showing all the amazing things that can happen for businesses when they have working parents on their side.


We focus on your strengths and what energises you.

Strengths based coaching is backed up by over two decades of incredible research about the connection between doing more of what you love, your wellbeing and your performance. We also work with businesses who are investing in returners, still through coaching but things like returner programmes, group workshops and line manager support are more common.

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What our clients say…

Want to know what other people say about working with Power Of The Parent®? Look no further!

Great to catch up with Char today, she gets it! Char has a natural flair for coaching, after a relaxed chat you realise you’ve shared your problems, found your own solutions and committed to take action. I’m a HR professional and a Mum of 2 facing a bit of a cross roads in my life. Char really helped me think clearly about what I really want to do next, what’s important to me career wise and personally and how I’m going to go after it whilst staying true to my values. She also shared some great sources of information to guide me along the way. I’m a strong believer that having children adds to your character, you develop a range of new skills and enhance existing ones – judgement, reasoning, empathy, delegating, time management to name a few personal to me. These skills make me better at my job. Thanks for reminding me of that Char!

HR Business Partner, Asda

The coaching I did with Charlotte came at exactly the right time. After having two children I was in need of a confidence boost. By working with Charlotte for 6 months we explored ways to build confidence and it helped me understand my strengths and my needs in the workplace. Charlotte is a great listener, super friendly and I looked forward to every coaching session as I would come out buzzing and ready to take on the world!

Head of Fundraising, International Charity

I started working with Charlotte on the recommendation of my Line Manager who saw that after returning to work following 9 months off Mat leave, the traumatic premature birth of my beautiful little girl (and the resultant PTSD) and coming back into new and dysfunctional team I was struggling. I work in Distribution Management and I have always been a high performer. Unashamedly before my daughter work was my main focus in life, all this changed and I felt like I couldn’t give 100% to either my work or home life and couldn’t find the right balance. My confidence was at an all time low and I felt I was letting everyone down. Working with Charlotte was like a hug and a kick up the bum in the same breath! Immediately likeable I found myself opening up to her with ease from the first session and being very honest about my struggles in a way I didn’t feel I could be in work. She gave me the tools to help me put things back into perspective, rebuild my confidence and resilience and find my own way (with a few gentle prods in the right direction) to deal with the in balance of life rather than trying to force it into balance. Her practical and empathetic approach to work problems enabled me to move forwards and become a better stronger version of myself, accepting and embracing the changes motherhood had made in me rather than being frustrated that I wasn’t the same person anymore. On the day of writing this I am proud to say I have just completed my annual review and whilst accepting the difficult start to the year, I have the confidence back to say I delivered a strong years performance personally and for my team and a fantastic record breaking peak. I am still a work in progress, but thanks to Charlotte I now have the understanding of the elements of my life and work that drain or empower me and what to do with this knowledge!

Partner and Manager, John Lewis Distribution

I have just received my 1-1 coaching session with Charlotte, and I am amazed! The Strengthscope report was so accurate and portrayed me perfectly. During the discussion Charlotte bought it to life and helped me see opportunities for practical application. I have come away with a host of new ideas for improving my confidence and strengthening my positives. I feel re-invigorated and re-energised.

Project Manager for the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory