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I am Charlotte Coach and Talent Consultant – the face behind Power of the Parent®

My 12 year corporate career has been in HR, largely Talent Management and Learning and Development. I love helping others be at their best (which is where the strengths coaching comes in) and I pride myself on having a creative but practical approach to support my clients unlock new ways of thinking.

You can now find me running my business, commentating on life with my two girls and husband, nurturing my need for a good notebook and pretending I’ll get through my reading list at some point this year. In another life I’d be a professional baker (I’d like to think high end wedding cakes but more likely school fair buns), or a TV presenter using Claudia Winkleman as my inspiration.

I work 1:1 with mums returning to work after maternity leave, adoption leave, or career breaks – sometimes that return is imminent and for others they begin working with me much further down the line. My clients are normally wanting help with things like confidence, resilience, challenging conversations they’re likely to be having and just generally getting to know themselves again.

My work revolves around your strengths – but in this instance it’s not your skills, it’s what energises you. It’s backed up by over two decades of incredible research about the connection between doing more of what you love, your wellbeing and your performance.
I also work with businesses who are investing in returners, still through coaching but things like returner programmes, group workshops and line manager support are more common


Working with Power of the Parent®

Our support is based around 3 main areas, coaching, workshops and bespoke talent intiatives. We provide packages for both parents and businesses to help support you through parental leave and returning to work.


We work with parents on a 1 – 1 basis analysising your strengths and how you can maximise using them at home and at work. We’ll develop a toolkit or practical and easy to use tips and you prepare to leave, or return to work. We will support you with conversations that may have become difficult at work and can offer you CV support and interview prep if required.


We run online and ‘in real life’ workshops. Our online workshops are run through zoom, often in an evening, so you can join from the comfort of your sofa a lot of the time! Power of the Parent workshops are run locally in Leeds, and they’re an open invite. You’ll be sharing the session with other brilliant women who are either heading back to work or have already returned, but ultimately you’re all wanting to focus on your strengths and build a practical plan to do more of what you love and build your resilience.


The cost to recruit can roll up into the thousands, so retaining your nurtured and valued talent is often on the list of priorities for any business. It can be a challenge for businesses, but I’m here to help and guide you through best practice for retaining your teams and to build your reputation as a talent magnet. Working with strengths coaching and practical talent management approaches will keep people engaged, support your line managers and help you build a legacy of being a supportive and forward thinking employer.

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Strengths based coaching for parents and businesses

What our clients say:

Want to know what other people say about working with me? Look no further!

Char has a natural flair for coaching, after a relaxed chat you realise you’ve shared your problems, found your own solutions and committed to take action.

HR Business Partner, Asda

[In] 6 months we explored ways to build confidence and it helped me understand my strengths and my needs in the workplace.

Head of Fundraising, International Charity

I started working with Charlotte on the recommendation of my Line Manager […] She gave me the tools to help me put things back into perspective

Partner and Manager, John Lewis Distribution


Want to hear some realistic and inspiring tales of combining work and parenthood? Look no further. The Power of the Parent feature is home to interviews with parents who are sharing their experiences of worlds colliding, how they developed through parenting and what they’ve taken to the workplace as a result of project procreation.



Here you can read stories from Dad’s who have made a change after project procreation arrived. Some have made big changes to their employment status, some have gone headlong into shared parental leave and some will share very openly about the challenges of being a working parent.


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