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Keeping in touch…

When it comes to maternity / adoption / shared parental leave it can be hard to know how you’re going to feel about keeping in touch with your employer. What’s important to know though, is that you have options and choices to make. Keep In Touch (KIT) days are a big topic of conversation and…
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The Strengths Series – part 3

Let’s get practical – home and work. The final instalment of the strengths series is about to get you thinking about actions, and actually making them happen.  With the first two stages it’s been very much about reflection, thinking, a bit of self-coaching but this next focus is for those who love to get an action…
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The Strengths Series – part 2

Using your strengths and plugging the weaknesses Welcome back! In the first post we talked about the definition of strengths being a bit different to what you might find in a dictionary / on Google (delete as appropriate) – that it’s all about what energises you, that you might be skilfully great at it already…
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The Strengths Series – part 1

Getting to know yourself again – finding your strengths. You know that phrase, ‘love what you do and do what you love’? It can sound so simple yet so aspirational all at the same time – yes of course we want to love what we do, but reality can bite…hard…and with bills to pay and…
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One story at a time: Baby Loss Awareness week 2019

Miscarriage is something that changed me as a person. I lost a naivety that will never return, had my first experience with PTSD and had a period of major trust issues. I’ve written before about what happened, so if it’s something that might help you please head here to have a read. I’m not using…
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The holiday juggle

You can’t look far at the moment without seeing comments and questions about the impending school holidays in England. Scotland are already in the thick of it and we’re all full of the same questions ‘what are you holiday plans?’, ‘how are you managing the childcare?’ ‘how you feeling about 6 weeks of the kid(s) being off?’. There are LOADS of really helpful suggestions out there (Guilty Mothers Club has a free planner download and some pointers for figuring out activities, and Amy Ransom is always a breath of fresh air for all things parenting – holiday chat or otherwise!).

The fear…

My name is Charlotte Speak and I have #FOPO – fear of other people’s opinions.

Now we are one…

March 4, 2019 I appear to have taken a few long blinks and 12 months has flown. Lightening speed. Warp speed. Really flipping quick. I’d always wanted to work for myself, particularly in the space of maternity returns (and beyond). I went from a standing start, a welcome beginning but a surprise one nevertheless and…
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I’ve seen a few people talk about their ‘word of the year’ on Insta (other social media channels are available) and it’s a band wagon I can definitely get on board with. Having explained on the squares that I’m not into resolutions (goals is what I’m about and yes they are different) the idea of a word hooked me in, so I thought I’d share mine – and I’d love to know yours.

Scrap book or showreel?

I reckon a few of us have heard this phrase before, and probably mulled over what it means to us. When you put yourself on social media and share / over share (delete as appropriate), you’re entering into a world that is littered with cheerleaders, distant friends and perfect strangers.