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We need to reframe pink and blue to create equality for our children.

This week on the blog we’re joined by Clare Willetts, CEO and Founder of not only pink and blue who has written a brilliant post about gender stereotyping for us. How often have you heard that “girls simply like pink – it’s how they are born”, and that “boys prefer cars and building blocks to dolls”? But…
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Interior designer, writer and parent, Cara Cooper

Powerful Parenting: moving on from imposter syndrome and stepping into your power.

This week on the blog we’re joined by interior designer, writer and parent, Cara Cooper who has written an excellent post about the less mentioned parts of motherhood for us. Over to Cara… Hey – how are you? I’m Cara, mother of two, designer, and writer. After the birth of my first child, I became an accidental…
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Hannah Brooke wedding photographer

Two years riding the Coronacoaster. What it was like to be a newly self-employed photographer in the face of a global pandemic.

This week on the blog we’re joined by specialist wedding photographer Hannah Brooke, from Hannah Brooke Photography. Hannah is going to share the highs and lows of setting up a business during Covid.

How to eliminate feelings of failure, guilt and shame

This week on the blog we’re joined by parenting coach, Tania Lopez from Full Circle Hypnotherapy who has created a guide to help us eliminate feelings of failure, guilt and shame, around parenting.

Money, rates and budgets…the side of a small business you might not see.

This has been brewing in my head for a while. Questioning if I should say anything publicly for fear of judgement. Then I listened to Elizabeth Day chatting to Brené Brown on her podcast. Something Brené Brown said about fitting in, shame and judgement has made me think differently. Parts of what I’m going to…
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Home PR

5 things we wish we’d known about juggling a career with kids and all-the-things

Hey there powerful parents, Laura Andrew and Becca Aspin here. Yorkshire mamas and founders of Home PR, a soulful PR and copywriting agency helping female founders, small businesses and creatives fuse strategy with storytelling to build the business and life of their dreams.  We work from our homes in East Yorkshire, in between the school…
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The truth about working for yourself.

It’s fair to say I held a lot of expectations about working for yourself. It hasn’t exactly followed a step by step approach. I’ve found some bits full of joy and others bits really chuffing tough. It’s always evolving but I want to share some things that surprise(d) me the most. Spending time ‘marketing’ takes…
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Questions you might not be asking…

This post is for the empathetic and compassionate eyes of employers and line managers (and those that might be working on dialling up their empathy and compassion actually!) I want to explore with you questions you might not be asking your team members who happen to be parents…. It’s fairly common for someone to return…
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Three reasons to define your version of success…

One of the foundational things I do with clients is to define your version of success. It can be a workshop, a coaching session or a chat over a coffee (well, actually tea for me please) but it generally, without fail features. I feel incredibly passionately about taking the time and consideration to define your…
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Strengths in overdrive – too much of a good thing?

When I first started my strengths practitioner training about eight years ago, I had a major lightbulb moment. Well, to be honest I had about 164 lightbulb moments but this one would make the top 20.  Our strengths (the things that energise us) can go into overdrive. Roughly translated, that means we’re overusing them. Sometimes…
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