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Defined by Motherhood

There have been some posts and articles recently suggesting women shouldn’t change or be defined by becoming a Mother. It’s a topic that most people seem to be unable to resist commenting on and I’m no different – so here goes.

Nursery ready…?

Until recently I was completely naive to a particular angle in the childcare debate, and that is that putting your kids into nursery is neglectful and pretty much the worst thing you could do.

Game Changers

Anybody feeling like they’re at a crossroads? A little unsettled maybe? Ready for something new? And if I said you could go on a digital adventure with a group of like minded women who despite not knowing you or ever having met in person will be your cheerleaders, voice of reason and all round sounding board babes, would you be furiously nodding your head? If any of that sounds like you it’s time you took a look at the Game Changers programme being run by the Guilty Mothers Club (click the link and you’ll land on their homepage).

Self-care and all who sail in her

Self-care shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s an essential. It’s not all about spa days, holidays and indulgence (although if you’re offering…) but instead finding ways to keep it accessible and achievable.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

The idea of visiting a Santa beforehand feels cute and the picture opportunities could be endless, but how do you go about explaining that little gem? Let’s be honest, sometimes those Santa’s can be questionable in the authenticity of their appearance

Home and away

I’ve never been a fan of New Year resolutions and I’m not about to start, however I am one for taking a fresh approach. I’d always encourage others to so I’m going to listen to my own advice – it’s a busy and sometimes stressful time of the year and this time around I’m determined to go with a relaxed approach. Bring on the mince pies!

The unwavering dedication of toddler questions

We are living in the thick of questionville with our three year old – we are up to our eye balls in daily, hourly, minute by minute questions from her sponge like little mind.

Whole lotta history

I don’t remember feeling lonely in the slightest when I first became a mum, but this time around it’s been a prevalent feeling and one that I didn’t see coming. I’ve found the last eight months to have incredible highs and some rough lows, and at points I’ve craved a repeat of the experiences I had

Women support women…don’t they?

I’m not sure anybody could say with a straight face that all women in the work place support each other because they’ve been through the exact same things and therefore will have some sympathy.

The newborn bubble

The first few weeks with our little lady weren’t that easy because both she and I found breastfeeding pretty tough so some of our initial days together were spent back in hospital, but very definitely still in a bubble.