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The Dad Edit

The Dad Edit

Here you can read stories from Dad’s who have made a change after project procreation arrived. Some have made big changes to their employment status, some have gone headlong into shared parental leave and some will share very openly about the challenges of being a working parent.

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The interviews:

Deividas Sakauskas:

shared parental leave x 2!

Neil Shorney:

when a newborn created a career overhaul

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Miscarriage is something that changed me as a person. I lost a naivety that will never return, had my first experience with PTSD and had a period of major trust[…]

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The holiday juggle

You can’t look far at the moment without seeing comments and questions about the impending school holidays in England. Scotland are already in the thick of it and we’re all full of the same questions ‘what are you holiday plans?’, ‘how are you managing the childcare?’ ‘how you feeling about 6 weeks of the kid(s) being off?’. There are LOADS of really helpful suggestions out there (Guilty Mothers Club has a free planner download and some pointers for figuring out activities, and Amy Ransom is always a breath of fresh air for all things parenting – holiday chat or otherwise!).

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The fear…

My name is Charlotte Speak and I have #FOPO – fear of other people’s opinions.

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