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It would be an understatement to say there’s a lot going on in the world right now. One thing that remains the same though is that parents are continuing to return to work. We know it’s not quite ‘business as usual’ but over the last couple of weeks our existing clients have asked us to carry on as much as possible, because the support we’re providing is more valuable than ever. So, we’re mega excited to say that our Return Stronger online workshop is now running public dates!

That means there’s no minimum sign ups, you can pay per place and they are of course being run online. The sessions are two hours and we know there’s a lot to juggle right now – if tiny humans pop up on cameras that’s absolutely fine!

If you’re a business who:
– Wants to add more support for parents returning to work but you’re not sure how or what to do
– Knows that you want to retain your best talent and engage them ahead of coming back to work
– Has moved to remote working, or increased the amount of working from home for your teams and you’re wondering how you can welcome somebody back from a distance…
This is the workshop to send your returners on!


What does success look like? Where they’re up to with their return, what their reality is and where they want to be


What do you love doing? Beginning to get them reconnected with their strengths and feel first hand why it’s such an important question.


Unpick your thoughts and feelings around boundaries – how they can help and work on the mindset that they’re supportive not restrictive.
We also hold a lot of expectations – some true, some cripplingly unfair. Now is the time to unpick them and send the unhelpful ones packing


Build a practical plan of ‘what next’ – attendees will be raring to go on making plans for their return, or changes they might need to face into as well as keeping hold of those all important superpowers…their strengths!

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