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Power of the Parent 6: S4 Ep6: Shivani Uberoi – The Wallflower Academy

Today I’m joined by Shivani, founder of The Wallflower Academy – creating workplaces where everyone can be themselves by partnering with businesses to drive the equality agenda and optimise employee wellbeing. Shivani sums up how her mission is ‘to accelerate equality by driving sustainable culture change which unlocks an individual’s full potential.’  Shivani’s CV includes…
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Power of the Parent 5: S4 Ep5: Donna Patterson – Lets Talk Work

Donna’s story is up there with something many of us would say happens in books and films. After returning to the workplace following maternity leave, Donna was in the thick of being gaslit, set up for failure and totally let down by her employer. Imagine returning to a full-time job on part-time hours and constantly…
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Power of the Parent 4: S4 Ep4: Litsa Smith – Unscramble Me

In this weeks’ episode I’m talking to Litsa Smith, the founder of Unscramble Me – the home of mentoring programmes and workshops to help people get organised, feel in control and combat stress. Litsa is all about supporting people with their wellbeing and operational effectiveness and after 20 years of leading high achieving teams she’s…
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Power of the Parent 3: S4 Ep3: Dr Michaela Thomas – The Thomas Connection

In this weeks episode I’m talking to clinical psychologist Michaela Thomas, founder of The Thomas Connection and what a conversation it was!  We covered cortisol within the first five minutes and ended on a practical message to line managers who feel like they lack empathy and compassion… so the in between stuff was pretty spectacular…
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Power of the Parent 2: S4 Ep2: Vikas Shah – CEO, Swiscot Group

Actually, if I was being accurate there would be about 15 other things after Vikas’ job title there! He’s got lots going on and this was one heck of a conversation. As an entrepreneur, investor, non-ex board member of multiple organisations, Honorary Professor and philanthropist, Vikas has a gift of seeing a situation from an…
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Power of the Parent 1: S4 Ep1: Fleur Cox – Rolls Royce

I’m thrilled to kick off series 4 with a focus on employer conversations, and first up the wonderful Fleur Cox, Co-chair of the Family and Carers Alliance for Rolls Royce.  This one is for you if you’re running an employee resource group, a parent support network or wanting to get started. There were so many…
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Power of the Parent 7: S3 Ep7: **BONUS** Elliott Rae – Music, Football, Fatherhood

TW: in this episode Charlotte and Elliott discuss parental bereavement, mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. If this isn’t something you can listen to right now, why not check out some of our other episodes? I’m bringing the bonus today, with the one and only Elliott Rae. Founder of Music Football Fatherhood, author, co-founder of…
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Power of the Parent 6: S3 Ep6: Rebecca Candy – Change Manager and Parent Network Co-Chair

For the final episode of the series I had the pleasure of chatting to Becky Candy – an utterly brilliant advocate for supporting parents in the workplace. By day Becky is a change manager and co-chair of the parent network at her employer, and by… well the rest of the day… Becky is a solo…
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Power of the Parent 5: S3 Ep5: Hannah Hall-Turner – Job Share Pair

Today I’m joined by Hannah, one half of the Job Share Pair and what a chat it was! I’ve ‘known’ Hannah and Rachel over Instagram for a couple of years now but it was totally different actually chatting. We explored some of the myths around job sharing, Hannah’s experiences of being in a job share…
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Power of the Parent 4: S3 Ep4: Holly Curry – Saffy Digital

Holly is the Queen of helping you start and grow a sustainable business. An advocate of boundaries, staying curious about your relationship with social media and tenacious approach of deconstructing the overwhelm, Holly Curry is a total beacon of light with her website design expertise, business coaching and consultancy services. I’ve known and worked with…
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