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What is strengths based development?

All of my work at Power of the Parent® is based around the principles of strengths based development. Whether it’s coaching, workshops or online content, it all comes from a place of helping you bring your whole self to the world and achieve your potential. We explore the things that energise you and how you can bring more of that into your life in a very practicall way.



Activities for parents about to go on any form of parental leave


Support for parents about to return to work from any form of parental leave


You might be facing a cross roads, wanting to make a change with practical support


Support for parents who have already returned to work and are further along into their return

As a new mum returning to work there are a lot of anxieties and nervousness about stepping back into work life and balancing family life. Charlotte broke everything down into tangible steps and phases and assuring me that the feelings I had were totally normal. She gave me some excellent advice on setting boundaries both in the workplace and at home to ensure the right shape of work life balance that was right for me; you do you. Charlotte was personable and empathetic, and I felt I was able to open up and be totally honest within the session.

Kayleigh, secondary school teacher – coaching client

Workshops and self-guided support for parents

Parenthood….you can read all the books in the world and you might feel vaguely prepared for knowing what having a child in your life MIGHT be like but *spoiler alert* it’s unlikely to pan out quite like that. It can be the most fulfilling experience you’ll ever put yourself through and some days you’ll get picture perfect moments that you can’t wait to upload into the pixels and share with the (your) world. Other days are tougher and a loneliness can set in that you might not have anticipated. Both of these have been, and are, me. When you bring work into the mix it can bring a variety of experiences – positive and challenging (I use the term ‘work’ loosely because let’s face it, looking after kids is definitely work!).

My clients are normally wanting help with things like confidence, resilience, challenging conversations they’re likely to be having and just generally getting to know themselves again.

My work revolves around your strengths – but in this instance it’s not your skills, it’s what energises you. It’s backed up by over two decades of incredible research about the connection between doing more of what you love, your wellbeing and your performance. I also work with businesses who are investing in returners, still through coaching but things like returner programmes, group workshops and line manager support are more common.

*Please note I’m only offering 1:1 coaching services through corporate clients, so if this is the way you’d like to explore working together please speak to your employer first about funding your sessions*


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