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Self-guided learning and reflection is a big part of what Power of the Parent® is all about, so the range of workbooks we have on offer is reflective of the most common areas we support with. We know that coaching and workshops aren’t for everybody, so this format is super flexible, accessible and yours to do at your own  pace.

Preparing for a Strong Parental Leave


Want to start your parental leave with clear boundaries and expectations from your employer? This is about going beyond company policies; we will define success, explore your communication goals and set a plan into place.

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Preparing for a Strong Return from Parental Leave


Are you about to return to work from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave? Do you want to get clear on what’s important to you, what success looks like and what this next step means? Being a parent in the workplace comes with lots of cliches, expectations and beliefs – some true, others… not so much. This workbook will help you get clear on YOUR terms when it comes to returning to work and how you can have great conversations at home, with your employer and get to know yourself again.

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Finding You


Looking to explore your strengths, values and what’s important to you? Maybe you’re further down the road of your parenting journey and looking to reconnect with who you are now. Sign up to the mailing list here to find out when this launches

For someone who is in the process of adopting, I would say the workbook is great for someone in Stage 2 or post-approval and waiting for a match. It’s the perfect time to look at what’s important to you and how you want to approach the lead up to your adoption leave. These types of conversations have been in the back of my mind, but writing them down on paper now will make things easier and I feel more confident now knowing once I’m linked and things move quickly, I won’t have forgotten anything, and I’ve got a little roadmap to follow.

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