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Power of the Parent 1: S4 Ep1: Fleur Cox – Rolls Royce

Power of the Parent 1: S4 Ep1: Fleur Cox – Rolls Royce

I’m thrilled to kick off series 4 with a focus on employer conversations, and first up the wonderful Fleur Cox, Co-chair of the Family and Carers Alliance for Rolls Royce. 

This one is for you if you’re running an employee resource group, a parent support network or wanting to get started. There were so many incredible take aways! Fleur shared very generously about their experiences, highs and lows, plus a sprinkling of practical advice of getting started.

The insight into how to work alongside an HR function when you’re trying to make it a whole company approach, the role of an exec sponsor, facing into challenges around policy when you’re a global employer and her top tip of picking no more than three projects a year were all centre stage in this chat. 

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