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Power of the Parent 2: S4 Ep2: Vikas Shah – CEO, Swiscot Group

Power of the Parent 2: S4 Ep2: Vikas Shah – CEO, Swiscot Group

Actually, if I was being accurate there would be about 15 other things after Vikas’ job title there! He’s got lots going on and this was one heck of a conversation. As an entrepreneur, investor, non-ex board member of multiple organisations, Honorary Professor and philanthropist, Vikas has a gift of seeing a situation from an abundance of different angles. 

We explored the power of mutual conversations in the workplace (particularly in the context of flexible working), making change at a national level  requires coming to the table and a reminder that legislation doesn’t change if people don’t talk. There was inevitably some myth busting about running a business when you’re responsible for a workforce and their wellbeing, and a side note about predatory behaviour in the business world when you’re feeling vulnerable. Vikas shared the realities and impacts of his non-exec roles and he ended with two calls to action for anybody listening: know your worth and is there a conversation you’re not having?

It was a really great conversation and I hope if you’re listening as an employer you’re reassured that you don’t have to have all the answers, but starting somewhere is powerful. There are ways and strategies to have a transformational impact on your employees – and there’s a wealth of support out there if you need it!

You find out more about Vikas on his website and be sure to have a look at his Insta I mentioned at the beginning of the conversation – lots of impressive pictures!

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