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You know that supporting parents is good for business, and that retaining your valued employees ensures significant savings in attrition costs. But where do you start? There’s a lot of advice out there and it can feel overwhelming. That’s where Power of the Parent® steps in – we’ll guide you through the transformation you’re looking for by figuring out what you’re already great at and what needs some fresh, practical thinking.

We recently did a session with Charlotte on Supporting Parents in the Workplace aimed at People Managers and it was a great event. Charlotte wanted to learn about our business beforehand to ensure it was relevant to our partners and was professional, well prepped, engaging and Charlotte delivered exactly what we had hoped to get from the session. We are hoping we get the opportunity to work with Charlotte again in the future.

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Supporting your bottom line

At Power of the Parent we know that forward thinking businesses like you want to nurture and support parents in the workplace, all whilst reducing recruitment costs, growing a gender balanced leadership team and be wonderfully profitable.

With the average cost to recruit hovering just over £30,000 in the UK (source: HRReview), getting strategic in developing and retaining your valued employees is exactly what we can help you with.


Explore what’s happening in your business right now, the vision for the future and alignment to your commercial and talent strategies.


How to go beyond policies and practically support parents at any stage alongside your thriving business.


Seeing the difference in your organisational culture, growing line manager capability and empowerment, moving out of HR and into a total business conversation.


Lasting change that leaves a positive legacy across everything from your engagement, retention, gender pay gap challenges and sense of belonging for your valued talent.

“companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile”

Sundiatu Dixon-Fyle, Kevin Dolan, Vivian Hunt, and Sara Prince Diversity wins: How inclusion matters, McKinsey, 19th May 2020, available here


Empowering parents to feel strong and supported in the workplace

Off the shelf and being ‘done to’ isn’t for our clients. You’re looking for collaboration with a huge dollop of expertise and fresh thinking from us, and that’s what you’ll get. We’ll work together from the beginning, building transformational change to empower parents and line managers. You’ll have bespoke recommendations for you (once we’ve done some initial research) and you can expect things like:

  • An action plan to incorporate what’s already working well into new processes and practices in areas like recruitment, reward strategies, talent management and role design.
  • Shaping a 12-18 month activity agenda (including things like coaching, group workshops, developing just-in-time online content and line manager support) that has your business goals at the heart of it.
  • Policy recommendations and benchmarking

If you’ve got an employee resource group at the ready, we’ll get them involved in the engagement of the business – and if you haven’t we’ll help you set one up!


If you’re a company we can help with:


Starting with goals in mind and some reflections on how the client is feeling right now, we work together to find the transformation they want to make – no matter how big or small.

It might be a pain point with returning to the workplace, reconnecting with their identity, rebuilding confidence or exploring boundaries – whatever the client agenda, their strengths will be at the heart of the coaching experience.

We always start with a chemistry call to make sure the client feels like we can help, and vice versa.

We recommend the number of sessions after the chemistry call, but it starts with a minimum of four.

Investment starts from £1500


This session covers things you can do as a line manager to support someone preparing for parental leave, keeping engaged during leave and setting up for a strong return. It’s for the times when leaders are asking ‘what can I actually say?’.

The content is flexible and can focus solely on one of these stages though i.e. Supporting Strong Returns.

Typical content includes how to have strengths-based conversations, how to manage boundaries, creating space to face into limiting beliefs about parents and help lift it out of policies and into lasting cultural change.

Investment starts from £900


3 hour workshops for up to 10 parents returning to work after any form of parental leave.

Exploring topics around defining success, managing boundaries, working in a multi-format world, preparing for conversations, facing into expectations and other topics to help set them up for a strong return.

Six weeks after the workshop there’s a 60 minute session for parents to attend as a check in, and there’s a bolt on option for 1:1 coaching.

Investment starts from £900


This workshop is for those in the run up to starting any form of parental leave.

It helps to bring a strong sense of connection to what’s important to them, the conversations they want to have before they enter the world of parenting, creates space to look at communication goals while they’re away from the business and brings into focus the importance of having an eye on your strengths and skills.

Engagement starts up front, and this is a powerful session to help fend off any concerns of feeling disconnected from the business.

Investment starts from £900


When you need to inspire through storytelling to a larger audience, this is the way to go. Content can be designed around client needs.

Previous sessions have included sharing the Power of the Parent® origins story, strengths-based development, the power of creating a strong return, dealing with imposter syndrome as a parent and becoming an ally to parents in the workplace.

Investment starts from £1650


This is collaborative way of working where we’ll provide content for you to create an internal parent support hub.

Clients use this when they want to create a space for ‘evergreen’ or ‘just in time’ content.

It tends to feature short videos, downloadable worksheets and info pages on topics like managing boundaries, expectations, navigating parental guilt, supporting children starting school and lots of insights for line managers too.

Investment starts from £2000


Supporting parents in the workplace isn’t an HR issue, and network groups can be pivotal in shaking things up.

It might be working with existing groups to maximise their efficiency and impact on the workplace, bring event ideas and support listening across the organisation. We can also work with organisations who are looking to set up networks for the first time to provide structure and reassurance that you don’t have to be event heavy all the time.

Investment dependent on project


Designed to be used by both parents and line managers, they’re ideal for any size of business wanting to keep connection authentic and meaningful.

We build co-branded workbooks that cover activities to prepare for parental leave, ideas and practices for keeping engagement going during leave and how to set up for a strong return.

They equip parents and line managers with the activities and conversation starters that leave you feeling empowered and with a road map to navigate some of the ambiguity that becoming a parent in the workplace can bring.

Investment dependent on project


Social media take overs on internal channels can be an impactful format for sharing content, tips and coaching or mentoring support.

The Power of the Parent podcast launched in 2021, so this is something that can be replicated as an approach and produced specifically for a client.

Investment dependent on the project

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Our Happy Clients

Some of the businesses we’ve helped to support include:

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“replacing members of staff incurs significant costs for employers: £30,614 per employee.”

Editor, It Costs Over £30K to Replace a Staff Member, HRReview, available here


Meet our founder

I’m Charlotte Speak, mum of two, change maker and coach for parents in the workplace, empathetic listener and avid theme park explorer.

I work with businesses to help attract, retain and develop their utterly brilliant team members who happen to be parents.

Seeing parents struggling with their identity, hearing from others who didn’t see their value anymore, stories from dads hiding that they wanted to spend time with their children and line managers who were so scared about saying the wrong thing to a colleague on parental leave… they said nothing at all. My eyes were opened and I knew something had to change.

It led me to set up Power of the Parent in 2018 to make workplaces somewhere parents and businesses can thrive.


Free Resources

We’re passionate about making sure businesses have the tools they need to nurture and support parents in the workplace. Whether this is someone approaching parental leave or developing your returning talent, Power of the Parent is here to support you. Here are some free resources to get you started…

Parent Support Framework Mockup

Parent support framework

All you need to know about parent support; here’s an employer’s step-by-step guide to supporting parents in the workplace with my ‘SWITCHED-ON EMPLOYERS’ framework.

Line manager checklist

Help someone prepare for a strong parental leave

It can feel like a bit of a dark art to line manage someone who is approaching parental leave, but it REALLY doesn’t have to be. Download our top tips at Power of the Parent® to keep things running smoothly.

Help a parent out

10 things line managers can do now to support a strong return to the workplace

At Power of the Parent® we love practical tips that are easily implemented but delivered with care. Here’s our top 10 checklist for employers who are supporting returning talent.


Want to chat? We’d love to hear from you.

We’re passionate about developing returning talent and making sure businesses have the tools they need to nurture and support Returners.